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“The Goddard School was please to host Ty Howard as our very special guest speaker, for our spring Teacher In-Service. Ty kept all 50 Goddard Employees in attendance mesmerized with his enthusiasm, quick wit and stories with real life examples of hope, determination and encouragement. He made everyone feel individually and collectively proud to be passion-driven professionals in early childhood development. His practical strategies inspired and empowered us all to keep the momentum and stay positive in continuous excellence. When I asked my staff how they felt about the experience, it was unanimous! All were excited for having been part of the event. A few of the words which were used by my team to describe both Ty and his message are entertaining, truthful, heartfelt, positive, thought provoking, and insightful.

The Goddard School of Ashburn wants to Make Every Day An ‘A’ Day, especially after our in-service with Ty.”

Ms. Alice B.,
Executive Director,
The Goddard School of Ashburn
Ashburn, Virginia

“Thank you for your superb opening motivational keynote presentation Prepare for the Job You Want Tomorrow, Today at Earle B. Wood Middle School’s Annual Career Day Program. The students surely benefited from your positive message, energy, interaction, and encouragement.

We appreciate your dedication to students and focus on the importance of preparing for the future.”

Ms. Jeanie D.,
Head School Principal
Rockville, Maryland

“Dear Mr. Howard: On behalf of the planning committee, executive leadership, and educational staff of Community Action Project of Tulsa (CAP Tulsa), we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your motivational keynote address to open our Pre-Service Educational Conference. Your presentation, Re-Igniting and Re-Capturing Your Passion, to our audience of over 500 educational professionals was very relevant and was expertly tailored to our audiences’ challenges and goals. Your passion to help confront the issues our early educators face when working with families in poverty, along with sharing your own personal stories, really touched the hearts of the audience and made your presentation rich and meaningful.

The feedback from your session was extremely positive. Participants cited how interactive and engaging the keynote session was, and that it was relevant to their lives and connected to our work here at CAP Tulsa. I know that this was the result of many months of talks that you and I had about our culture here and some of our goals, and your very careful preparation to make your presentation as targeted and applicable to our issues as possible. Participants also liked the self-reflection involved in your presentation, and felt that this element helped make them more accountable to use the lessons learned after the conference.

In addition to the keynote, you spent the afternoon delivering a customized session to our center director on Excelling in Teamwork. Their feedback was also quite positive, as you were able to share your expertise and insight and also “bring it home” for them and provide actionable guidance.”

Catheryn A.,
Director of Learning and Performance
Community Action Project of Tulsa (CAP Tulsa)

“We, The Graceland Park Family, at Graceland Park O’Donnell Heights Elementary and Middle School, would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for coming out to speak to our boys and girls about Standing UP and Speaking UP Against Bullying. Your presentation was informative, very interactive, and lots of fun while learning. We liked your use of music, skits, anti-bullying quiz, learning retention recaps, and your anti-bullying pledge. It has been great to be able to refer to key points from your presentation while teaching our students to treat each other with respect (always). Thank you also for your clear and close communication leading up to our event and your professionalism in carrying out the event. We are so glad that we were able to work together to bring you to our school!”

Ms. Nancy G.,
Head School Principal
Baltimore, Maryland



“Thank you for delivering your presentations on It Will Cost to Be the Boss and Using Diversity as a STRENGTH at the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel – Teen Leadership Summit, held in Baltimore, Maryland. Because of your efforts and those of many others, we were able to provide over six hundred young people with a wonderful day long experience of exceptional keynote speakers and educational session leaders. I know that this experience will have a tremendous impact on each of their lives. Thanks again for helping to send a positive and powerful message to our youth.”

Elijah E. Cummings,
7th District, Maryland
Member of Congress

“Thank you for speaking at the Maryland Future Business Leaders of America State Leadership Conference in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Your You Were Born to Be G.R.R.R.R.E.A.T.TM presentation was a wonderful message to our students about focusing on improving themselves and ultimately attaining greatness. I especially appreciated your enthusiasm to personally greet and shake hands with all the young people at the conference after your keynote presentation. Thank you again!”

David J.,
Maryland FBLA-PBL Board of Directors

Contributed to Sudbrook Magnet Middle School’s Fall 2009 Newsletter
(Letters to the Editor, Page 3)

Headline: Ty Howard’s Speech  – ( You Were Born to Be G.R.R.R.R.E.A.T.!!!!TM )

“Ty Howard’s speech was very motivational. He inspired people to be great as in to do your best at what you do. Also he told the audience to be educated, or else you won’t go far in life. This reminded me to always study to get good grades.

Ty had a key to his speech using nine words; gifted, respectful, responsible, resourceful, resilient, educated, action-driven, and triumphant. All of these words inspired me to work harder in school and to never give up. He also told us students to be respectful to adults because they are the people we look up to. It made me think about being nicer to my parents so we can get along more.

After the speech was over, I thought about my life and how I will change it to help me make better decisions. Like doing my homework before I go outside to play with my friends. Also to listen to me elders so I know what to do when I reach the outside world. He also taught me that education is very important so now I know to take it more seriously.”

Raleigh M.,
7th Grade Student
Sudbrook Magnet Middle School, Baltimore County, Maryland

“I truly believe Ty Howard’s philosophy can enhance the quality of life for anyone who exposes themselves to it. Ty, you can tell we are satisfied customers, because we keep asking you back!”

Larry Mettert,
Employer Services Coordinator
Maryland Job Service



“You left our staff feeling energized and empowered about their role as education professionals and human service specialists. You reminded us that we are a RESOURCE and that the students we serve and the progress they make will provide us with an invaluable reward. We at Care Resources have already started the leg-work to have you back next year!”

Kirk Sykes,
Education Coordinator
Care Resources

“I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful Elevating and Empowering Your Presentation Skills session that you provided for the Academy of Finance students from Howard and River Hill High Schools at the University of Phoenix. It was very informative and easy to understand; the participants especially liked the train analogy and the stories that you told about your own experiences. Ty, Remember: There’s A Train Coming… Stay Onboard Your Train To Success — You Are Making A Difference!”

Shelley Day Johnson,
Director, Academy of Finance
The Howard County Public School System

“Ty Howard is a remarkable and exciting speaker who motivates the mind, heart and soul to do more than Just Enough To Get By.”

Kiesha Cockett, Age 16
Towson High School
Upward Bound Program

“Ty Howard brings excitement and empowerment to every audience, and encourages them to go beyond the basic fundamentals to reach new level of excellence!”

Ms. Donna McCoy,
Founder & President of McCoy & Associates
Chair, Youth Empowerment Conference

“I was a participant at one of your other programs last year. Now, at this teen conference here at Morgan State University, your program exceeded the terrific job you did last year. I will begin setting clearly defined written goals and going after them, starting today!”

Eddie, Age 17
Baltimore, MD
Annual Independent Living Teen Conference

“On behalf of the Fredrick Douglass High School Students, their Guidance Counselors and the Employment Committee of the Baltimore Continentals, we wish to thank you for the information you so readily shared on Effective Interviewing Skills. Your sincere manner, as well as your practical information concerning preparation before, during and after an Interview gave the students a lot of food for thought. You are a fine example
for young people; keep up the good work!”

Mrs. Marjorie Washington
and Mrs. Muriel Johnson,
The Employment Committee Co-Chairs
The Continental Societies, Inc.
Baltimore Chapter




“Mr. Howard, thank you for the outstanding job that you did as our keynote speaker at Baltimore City Community College’s In-Service Diversity Awareness Program. Your delivery was as excellent as the content, and the content was right  on the mark. I am sure that our staff gained a great deal from your presentation, and that the lessons learned will have a lasting impact far beyond your message.”

Dr. James D. Tschectelin,
Baltimore City Community College

“Ty has been instrumental in brightening the lives of quite a few students and should be proud of his work in this area. To have done this for one student would be an accomplishment of great importance, but he has done it for many. This is not an achievement to be taken lightly. I, for one, am proud to say I know him.”

Ms. Linda E. Brooks,
Pathways to Success Program
Hosted by the
Chesapeake Human Resources Association in Baltimore, MD

“Ty, congratulations on a job well done! The First Annual Academy of Finance Career Development Student Conference held at Montgomery Community College, was a GREAT success! You gave the students concise information, tips, and encouragement to promote independent learning and goal setting in your session entitled, Elevating Your Public Speaking Skills. I know that such a fantastic presentation does not happen without much dedication and hours of preparation. We received many positive comments from the students during the conference as well as on the written evaluations. We definitely want you back again next year!”

Ms. Shelley Johnson,
Business Management and Information Technology
Montgomery County Public Schools




“Ty, your keynote address at the STRIVE Graduation was both inspirational and informative. The message provided the graduates with tools to be not only productive and motivated employees, but also these tools will enable them to navigate all aspects of their lives. The graduates were impressed and encouraged by hearing about your background and your current activities.

Your challenge to Odell DeShield to continue his education beyond obtaining his A+ Certification and your offer to give Odell further opportunities proved your commitment to helping people help themselves. Continue inspiring GREAT People to do GREAT Things!”

Mr. Moses Hammett,
Director of Workforce Development
STRIVE Baltimore, MD

“Ty, your program entitled, ‘Unleash the Winner In You’ should be heard by every young and young adult person today! What impressed me most was that you had a universally needed message of self-empowerment that you delivered with relevant personal stories, coupled with exciting humor. Every student, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) member, I talked to after your presentation, expressed to me how much they enjoyed and took away from your program. It was definitely a treat to listen to your dynamic, enlightening and inspiring keynote presentation. Keep up the great work and keep challenging all people to unleash the winners within themselves.”

Dr. Todd A. Milano
Central Pennsylvania College, Summerdale, PA


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