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Untie the Knots(TM) That Tie Up Your Life – Book

In Untie the Knots(TM) That Tie Up Your Life, Ty Howard, renowned success habits development consultant and motivational keynote speaker, shares quick and easy-to-apply guidance on breaking free of toxic habits, choices, people and relationships. He shares the foolproof strategies that got him to where he is today and provides you with a program for developing a life of better health, balance, significance, harmony, potential, and prosperity.

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You Were Born to Be G.R.R.R.R.E.A.T.!!!! – Book

In You Were Born to Be G.R.R.R.R.E.A.T.!!!!, Ty Howard, author of the best-seller Untie the KnotsTM That Tie Up Your Life: A Practical Guide to Freeing Yourself From Toxic Habits, Choices, People, and Relationships, shares with teens The 8 Essentials of True GREATNESS. This empowering book will help teens everywhere to intentionally plan, go-after, and Capture Their True GREATNESS.

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