The Exceptional Administrative Professionals Creed

Originator and Author: Ty Howard

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I do not choose to be an ordinary professional.

It is my right to be extraordinary and exceptional—For this is the set and identifiable standard for my position inside businesses throughout the world.

I seek organization over chaos, and healthy relationships and teamwork over conflict.

I do not wish to be kept hidden, because as a floor general – from my position – is where I thrive and bring out the best in others.

I will do my best to go the extra mile whenever I provide customer service. I will take calculated risks to streamline and build, and to get things done that others thought impossible. I will take control of my career and advancement path so I can stay up-to-date with technology and new cutting-edge skills.

I refuse to let time beat me. I prefer to use my administrative systems and networks to prevail over challenges time and time again. The thrill of keeping my managers and department achieving optimal success proves my commitment to excellence, quality customer service, effective communication and team success.

I will not trade my positive attitude and smile for a negative one, better yet—a negative anything. I will never succumb to constant change or whine over being forced to do more with less. Nor will I bend or be influenced to do anything unethical from my position—For that will tarnish my character and the brand of all Administrative Professionals.

It is my heritage to stand proud, unafraid and ready to get tasks and people in order. It is my personal brand to be a master coordinator and an ambassador of excellence inside any organization I work. From my heavily depended upon position—I will think and act for myself, be a consummate professional always, enjoy the benefits of my innovation, and face the world boldly by saying: “This, with my commitment, care and efforts, I have done… with excellence, a positive attitude, successful administrative skills and systems, ethics, and a smile.”

All this is what it means to be an Exceptional Administrative Professional.


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