For over 21 years, Ty Howard has inspired, educated, motivated and equipped parents, educators and students – nationally and internationally – on helping their child to succeed in school, helping their child build a healthy self-esteem, on helping their child to set and accomplish goals, on keeping their child motivated throughout life, and helping their child and themselves to go after and capture greatness.

Below is a list of Ty’s program presentation titles for you to review and choose from. If you would like to receive a description with Ty’s potential talking points on a specific program you have interest in for your group, send us an email through our site and we will promptly email it to you. Thank you for visiting and viewing

Here are Ty’s Program Titles for Parents, PTA and PTSA Meetings:

1) NO Bullying Allowed! Save a Life. Safe Your Child. Save a Dream.

2) Being Your Child’s Positive and Cheerleader in Education

3) Helping Your Child to Plan, Prepare for, Go After and Capture Their Greatness

4) Suicide Awareness and Prevention: Save a Life. Save Your Child. Save a Wonderful Human Being.

5) Safe Dating Does Not End in Abuse or Rape — and Abuse Should Never Be Silenced!

6) Awareness and Prevention: Helping Your Child to Avoid or Work Through the Opioid Epidemic

7) Tying Into a Better YOUTM