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Below are Ty’s Capturing Greatness Articles for you to enjoy. They are right size reading resources for continual professional, personal and family development.

Articles for Teens and Youth

A Good Education Goes A Long Way – (An Original Poem by Ty)

Believe In Yourself – (for Teens)

Anti-Bullying Quotes by Ty Howard – Inspirational Bullying Prevention Quotes

How to Develop a Healthy Image and Reputation That Shows You Respect Yourself

Making the Right Choices Over Many Voices – (for Teens)

Let Them Eat… by Ty Howard
////Printed in “Leadership For Student Activities Magazine” * April 2011 * Vol. 39 * No. 8

Socio-Emotional Development by Ty Howard
////Printed in “Leadership For Student Activities Magazine” * February 2011 * Vol. 39 * No. 6

Resolving Conflict Between Teens or a Teen and an Adult

Making the Embracing of Diversity in School, Cool

Getting and Staying Motivated as a Teen

9 Simple Rules for Getting Along with Others in School

Untie the Knots® of Your Public Speaking Jitters


Articles for Professional and Staff Development

Motivational Quotes for Teachers by Ty Howard

How to Motivate Teachers

The Exceptional Administrative Professionals Creed

5 Toxic Habits to Not Bring to Work

If You Truly Want to Improve Employee Morale — M.E.E.T.

12 Quick Strategies to Build and Maintain Healthy Relationships at Work


Articles for Parents

How to Soothe & Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem, After Learning He or She is Being Bullied