How to Develop a Healthy Image and Reputation
That Shows You Respect Yourself

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“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline.
When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”
~ Clint Eastwood

An important aspect of being a teenager is to carve out a respectable image for yourself, one you can proudly carry into your adulthood. It is even more important to chisel out an image which shows and reflects you respect yourself, and others. Your teenage years are the perfect period for developing such an image or reputation. It is therefore very important to pay close attention towards developing and chiseling such an image, among your peers, during this period.

The all-important question is how to do it successfully? In this article I will highlight some tips for sending out a strong signal that shows you respect yourself, and others. These tips can help you to create a positive image and a highly sought-after reputation that will bring quality friends and opportunities for continuous success your way.

There are many traits in your personality which could reflect whether you respect yourself or not. These traits are manifested in one’s physical as well as intellectual tendencies. One of the most important things, to carve an image which reflects that you respect yourself, is to actually respect yourself in the first place. If you do not respect yourself, you will develop a personality and reputation that automatically sends out a strong signal to others that you do not have a healthy character or values system guiding and driving your life. It also can communicate to others that you take yourself too seriously, and have little to no respect for others.

Secondly, it is of utmost importance to have confidence. If you do not display confidence, others will perceive you as being a weak individual and will seldom respect you. You can only be confident if you are comfortable with yourself. And if you do not respect yourself, you can never be truly comfortable with yourself. Thus, you must continuously develop confidence in a positive and healthy way in order to carve out a personality and reputation that reflects you respect yourself, and others.

Thirdly, in order to have an image which reflects that you respect yourself, it is important to dress sharply and be clean and tidy. If you carry yourself around in unappealing or distasteful clothes and keep poor hygiene habits, others will perceive you as someone who is lazy and possibly suffering from self-esteem or emotional issues. Thus always try to dress nicely and appropriately with good hygiene habits to instill a positive perspective of your personality in the minds of others.

Displaying a high level of self-esteem is also equal to showing you have a high level of self-respect. If you show and promote a high level of self-esteem, it sends out the vibe that you are comfortable in your own skin and influences others to treat you with respect.

Being sociable is also of extreme importance to displaying self-respect. Human beings are social beings after all. A person who likes to hang out with others and shows an outgoing nature reflects that he or she is confident enough to face and communicate with others easily, and is not afraid of meeting other people in person. Such behavior reflects that the individual has a certain self-respect which fosters the required confidence to be sociable.

Another very important aspect that shows you have self-respect is to take care of your physical state. If you pamper and properly groom your body, for example, by working out or getting your hair done, you show others that you respect yourself and take good care of what you have. This influences others to think of you as an individual with self-respect.

Lastly, remember that you need to respect others to gain respect from them. Thus never forget that it is very important to respect others and their property as well. Moreover, always be honest in your dealings with others. A person, who does not respect others or cheats others, actually destroys his/her own social standing and this reflects that he/she does not respect themselves.

In the end, it should be emphasized and be a top priority that in your teen years, you develop an image and reputation that will empower and positively put you on the path to achieving quality relationships, happiness, and lifelong success.


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